Pulford Associates is a partnership which brings together consultants with a high level of expertise gathered from a diverse range of activities ranging from I.T, scientific research and technical work to all aspects of project work, business planning, event organization, mediation and mentoring.

Although this may seem to be an unrelated skill set, we have realized over time that in fact it is quite complementary in a business environment.

This is the main driver behind the formation of our service, our aim is to help our clients achieve their business goals in the most intelligent, cost and time effective way.

We aim to facilitate this goal by adopting simple, pragmatic processes, which have proved effective in previous assignments for us and the sensible use of resources and I.T tools. The keywords and phrases include “practical”, “communication”,” coordination” “optimizing costs”, “prosaic where appropriate”, “advanced where necessary” “innovative whenever possible” “inventive always”

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