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MA (Oxon), D.Phil (Biophysics), MBCS, Chartered Engineer(CITP), APMG Agile Project Manager(Practitioner), (Aligned Mediation Trained Civil and Commercial Mediator

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  • Senior I.T. Professional used to operate in complex and challenging environments, with the proven ability to define innovative solutions to satisfy the strategic requirements of the organizations concerned.
  • Has a record of success at the at the inception of new projects with a history of building and leading multinational teams.
  • Has detailed experience of the continuous scientific acquired data with supporting processor clusters
  • Managed and sometimes added innovative solutions to work packages in a number of Science and I.T. based EU proposals.
  • Excellent communication skills and used to dealing at all levels within an organization
  • Able to assimilate new skills and understand complicated projects and situations rapidly
  • Areas of experience include Science, I.T, Publishing and Media.

Services offered

  • I.T. Consultant -  Support to the Business Owner or senior team – participating in new ideas to improve the performance and efficiency of computing resources and software.
  • Business improvement – review and documentation of current operations and processes particular;y related to software support and development.
  • Business Development – production of all business documentation from Business Plan to all elements of any acquisition process.
  • Business support – able to operate .as a CTO for providing key performance indicators and other important information to growing businesses. This is delivered by reporting tools such as TIBCO Jasperreports,
  • Project Management – Particularly pertaining to Full Cycle Software Development using "Agile" Techniques
  • Introducing new tools support and improve processes for team communication and issue tracking - this would probably lead to mentoring for the tools and processes involved. Examples: Atlassian Confluence and JIRA.
  • Post implementation review process – Project, merger, product development or launch – able to run all elements of the process with the production of all associated documents to help improve the process and facilitate future work of a similar nature for Clients